About Us

We listen

Understanding and caring of patients’ needs and wants, by attentive listening. Appreciating people’s circumstances & their limits without judgement. Insuring that they feel valued and appreciated

We do the right thing

Having the courage to do the right thing, simply because you know it is the right thing to do

Respect our patient’s privacy and choices

Our management system is designed to ensure maximum privacy and our staff are well trained to keep patients privacy safe and respect and understand patient’s choices. We are always here for our patients We are always at the end of the phone, email, text we strife to meet our patients expectations and always love to hear their feedback and suggestions

Our Vision

In Cricklewood Dental practice patients are always put first. From the moment you enter our relaxing waiting rooms, our professional and friendly teams and highly skilled dentists will make sure that your needs are put first every step of the way. We base our care on following

Employing the latest Technology

Added to our very experiences and skilled dentist we constantly upgrade and update our practice with the latest technology such as Dental Microscopes, Cone beam CT imaging, CAD/CAM and digital Imaging and rotary Endodontic machinery to insure that we deliver the highest level of care to our patient’s

Expertise & Precision

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