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Teeth in a day’ is a method of dental implants treatment that allows a patient to get a full fixed set of upper teeth on dental implants in around six hours.

This can work even when there is only a little bone available because it utilises angled implant components so that implants can be placed where the bone is available. An advanced connection system allows us to create a strong durable bridge that can last for many years in excellent condition without the need to replace it with a new one a few months later.

The power of Teeth in a Day is that it is an affordable, quick and effective way of getting your smile back. You look and feel like you have real teeth again. In the Teeth in a Day procedure, dentists use the All-on-4 procedure and/or the All-on-6 procedure to replace the teeth in both your jaws. It’s very common to use the All-on-4 procedure for the lower jaw and the All-on-6 procedure for the upper jaw. In principle, however, either procedure can be used for either jaw. Depending on which procedure(s) is/are used, the dentist will drill four or six holes into your jaw. These will be filled with dental implant screws and your overdenture will go on top. The dental implants will be permanent (or at least very long-term). For this reason, they will usually be made of titanium. Your initial overdenture will, however, almost certainly be temporary. Temporary overdentures are generally made of resin. This is not particularly durable. It is, however, very light and will have minimal impact on your jaw during the healing process. Your permanent overdenture will typically be made of zirconium with a porcelain veneer. Zirconium is for strength and porcelain for aesthetics.
Pros & Cons


  • Like the name says, you get a new smile in a day
  • You’ll look like you have real teeth
  • Go back to enjoying your food, even if it’s hard, chewy or sticky
  • Teeth in a Day is very cost-effective for replacing a whole mouth of missing teeth


  • You will have to adjust to speaking and eating with new teeth
  • You will have to allow time for healing after your treatment
Teeth In A Day Dental Implant Procedure


At your consultation, your dentist will check if it is possible for you to have the teeth-in-a-day procedure. If it is, they’ll then discuss how it could work for you. They’ll also explain what other options you may have and how they compare with teeth-in-a-day. Your dentist will be happy to answer all your questions.


The next step is for us to send scans that your dentist takes at your consultation to our laboratory in order for them to create your custom teeth. You can be sure you’ll receive incredible results, thanks to the high quality equipment and skilled team on hand.

Fitted Implant

Any remaining teeth will be extracted. Your dentist will drill either four or six holes in your jaw and fill them with dental implant screws. They will then “crown” these screws with a resin overdenture. This will look like real teeth but will be much lighter than the permanent overdenture you will receive after about 6 months.

Healing Time

Allow a few days for the initial swelling and bruising to fade. Then allow up to 6 months for the dental implants to fuse completely with your jaw bone. During this time, you will need to take great care of your dental implants. Afterwards, however, you can treat them just like they were real teeth.

Teeth In A Day At Cricklewood Dental Practice

Dr. Ahmed Al Morhiby

Principal Implantologist, Sedationist

Hear what our expert dentist has to say....

Teeth in a Day is ideal for those looking to move away from traditional dentures. Although dentures are a non-surgical solution to missing teeth, the problem with them is that the lack of teeth roots or dental implants means that bone loss is inevitable. As bone is lost, dentures become ill-fitting. This means that you either put up with badly-fitting dentures or find the time and money for frequent replacements. What’s more, people who wear dentures often have to be very careful about what food they eat.
Dental Implants Product Range

Single Tooth Implants

Single dental implants are used to replace a missing tooth.

Single Tooth Implants treatment From £1,650/ Month

Multiple Implants

Replace multiple missing teeth using implants

Multiple Tooth Implants treatment From £1,650/Month

Implant Overdenture

An overdenture fits over your own remaining natural teeth roots.

Implant Overdenture treatment From £1,650 / Month

Teeth in a Day

Dental implants treatment that allows a patient to get a full fixed set.

Teeth in a Day treatment From £1,650/ Month