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We will pay the finance interest for the first 20 patients for 3 years.

From Single Dental Implants to
Complete Jaw Rehabilitation

Full Mouth Rehabilitation with Dental Implants

From £12,000/Arch

Single Dental Implants

From £2,000

Loose Denture Stabilisation

From £5,000

We not only place Dental Implants but are a dental training centre and institute for other dentists

5 Dental specialists all under one roof – patients are referred to us from all over the country by other dentists

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Missing Teeth Treatment Options & Prices

for People With No Teeth or Denture Wearers in Cricklewood, London

Full Mouth Rehabilitation with Fixed Same-day Dental Implants (All-0n-4 / 6)

This technique is used to permanently fix a dental bridge with 4 to 6 dental implants.

  • Eat and chew all of your favourite foods
  • Replace dentures and failing teeth
  • Natural-looking fixed teeth.

The number of implants needed is mostly influenced by the jawbone quality and quantity, as well as its stability.

On the first day of the surgery you will be fitted with a temporary dental bridge. In approximately 3 months (After healing) you will receive your final hand-crafted Smile (Dental Bridge) – designed in-house in our dental technology laboratory.

From £12,000/Arch or £333.33/Month

Single Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the best ways to replace missing teeth. A dental implant is a small titanium ‘root’, which is carefully placed into the jawbone to provide support with a replacement crown.

Dental implants are long-term permanent replacements.

They look, feel and function like your natural teeth.

From £2,000 or £55.56/Month

Loose Denture Stabilisation

This consist of a traditional denture secured to titanium implants that screw down or lock into place so they will not shift in the mouth or fall out during jaw movement.

The stability of an implant denture is of greatest importance in the lower jaw where traditional dentures are notoriously unstable causing discomfort and frustration.

Implant dentures can be either removable or fixed depending upon the unique needs of the patient.

From £5,000/Arch or £138.89/Month

Good to know:

1. Highest Quality Swiss Implants 
We provide many missing teeth solutions and use the highest quality and clinically tested Implants eg Nobel Biocare (Swiss Implants) and Osstem (the most widely used implant in the world).

2. Specialist Prosthodontist 
    We have an in-house Specialist Prosthodontist (A field if dentistry that specializes in restoration. Specifically, a prosthodontist works with fixing issues that have to do with tooth loss or jaw problems).

WE ARE OPEN. We are a Covid-19 Safe dental practice and accept patients for in-clinic consultations and treatments.

  • You are kindly asked to wait at the door and a nurse will attend you or confirm when you can enter the practice.
  • Your temperature will be taken and you will be asked to scrub your hands and wear a mask we provide.
  • The nurse then will take you to the treatment room. All patients will be emailed medical forms and consents and you are kindly requested to fill and return to us by email.
  • During your visit, you will see changes to the way we work. These changes are designed to ensure your safety. 

Stages of your dental implant consultation and fees explained

1. All Dental Implant treatments are a private treatment and NOT provided on the NHS. 

2. We can initially discuss your concerns and options by phone, or a virtual video consultation (ZOOM or WhatsApp)

3. In-clinic free consultation: to undertake a clinical assessment, provide you with a treatment plan and accurate fees.
This will include:
–  Discussing your concerns, options and clinical suitability
– Fact finding – looking at your oral condition
– Gathering information
– Photos will be taken
– You will be given a rough cost estimate on the day and an exact quotation will be sent to you in a report
– If we need to take Xrays the fee is £60. (following your approval)
– If we need to take an in-house CT Scan the fee is £99 (following your approval)

What Our Patients Think About Us

Dr Ahmed Al Morhiby

Principal Implantologist, Sedationist

Dr Morhiby holds his Dental Sedation qualification from the Prestigious University College of London as well as Master-class in Facial aesthetics from The Royal College of Surgeons-England. 

He Has Special Interest in Periodontics and takes referrals for Periodontics, endodontics and Implants.

Dr Morhiby provides Implantology and Oral surgery courses for dentists at Cricklewood Dental Practice.

Dr Yaman Walid

Specialist Prosthodontist / Implantologist

Dr Walid is a Specialist Prosthodontic trained in the prestigious Kings College-London in the field of dental Prosthodontics and apart-time Restorative dentistry Specialty Dentist in the Queen Alexandra Hospital. 

He is also a very experienced Trainer with the London Deanery. Dr Walid accepts referral for full mouth rehabilitations, Implants, Smile Makeover and complex Crown and Bridgework.

Great Finance Options to Make Your Transformation More Affordable

Professional Dental Implant Clinic - Dentist Training Centre

In Cricklewood Dental practice patients are always put first. From the moment you enter our relaxing waiting rooms, our professional and friendly teams and highly skilled dentists will make sure that your needs are put first every step of the way.

Added to our very experiences and skilled dentist we constantly upgrade and update our practice with the latest technology such as Dental Microscopes, Cone-beam CT imaging, CAD/CAM and digital Imaging and rotary Endodontic machinery to ensure that we deliver the highest level of care to our patient’s.

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